Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What did you do for "Do something for someone and expect nothing in return", challenge?

Okay everyone,
This Tuesday we decided to issue a challenge to our faithful U.T.I community. The challenge was simple; go spread love to someone in need and don't look for something in return.

So let's use this blog to post the amazing things you all have done.

Another World Is Possible!


  1. okay, I'll begin. This week i was able to allow friends and fellow SFJC members a chance to order close for Christmas from American Apperal and Gildan for my cost. That meant they were able to buy high quality clothing for family at ridiculously low cost. I gave of my time to sorting all the orders, arranging shipping, making invoices and paying for it all in advance. And you know what? It felt really good to do that and get nothing in return.

    Your turn......

  2. I went out with a bunch of friends swimming at the public pool, but one of our friends did not have enough money, so I covered for her. And for the Mcdonalds after. And I am not expecting any money in return even when they have enough money. I did it because it feels good to do things for other people!

  3. Hey - it's Sarah K!
    the other day I was walking into the store and there were two older ladies struggling to get a large box into the trunk. They were having a terrible go of it and weren't able to get the box up high enough. I was able to stop and help them negotiate it - they were super thankful!
    I know it's a small one but it blew me away how many people were walking past them without helping beore I got there.
    Great challenge! I'm keeping my eyes (and heart) open for more opportunities!

  4. Hey- It's Adrian :)
    My nice deed was on Sunday night when I gave a homeless gentlmen 10 dollers after a Brand New Concert I went to.

    It was nice to see the appreciation in his face and his voice. It wasn't my initial reaction to give him the money, because I didn't have change...I guess you change isn't just what ya need :).

    Was awesome to do this challenge, and it's nice to read what you guys have done :)

  5. Hey! I'm guessing you'll know who this is by my user XP

    The other day I was walking home from school (hugely exausted) and I saw an old man carrying a box of things out of his from door. He had a cane and was coughing a lot and having a tough time so I put my bag on the side walk and helped him being the box out to his garage :)

  6. I'm just going to post a few smaller ones. (This is Sarah D.)

    Yesterday I took all of the christmas presents and started to wrap them and reorganized the office in our house to take the stress off my mom.

    Today, my mom and I paid for the lady behind us in line at Tim Hortons, her car wasn't sounding good, and she just didn't look to be in a good mood, so hopefully it brightened her day.

    I also took time out of my afternoon and put together a collage of pictures for a teacher at the school I volunteer at. She was trying but didn't have the time to do it, with working all day and taking care of three teenagers and a dog at home.

    That's my week. :)

  7. This is from Yasmin Webster

    I scratched my daddies head on couch today for free! I usually asked for $3.00.

  8. This post is from our fearless leader, Lisa:

    I went to Tim Horton's today to get a hot chocolate. I just felt like treating myself today. On my way out I bumped into Jason -- I believe he has been nicknamed "Kramer". He's always seems to be outside of Tim's, but most people seem to ignore him. Anyway, I asked him how he was and if I could get him anything. He wanted a coffee and he got it. He likes his coffee 1 sugar and 1 cream.

    I am also being more aware as I enter and exit buildings and hold the door open for others to go through BEFORE me.

  9. From Allie:

    on friday night i was out for dinner at a restaurant downtown, and waiting outside was a homeless man asking for money. some men who were waiting to get in started yelling at him and being absolutely obnoxious, so a friend of mine and I decided to step in. we ended up talking to the homeless man, Jack for about twenty minutes and it was awesome. he was such a nice man! he said he needed $12 to get a private room at a shelter, so we gave him twenty as we went into the restaurant. it was nice to talk and actually get to know him a little bit instead of just giving money, and he was engaging and seemed really appreciative :)